Dominic Flores

Dominic is a fitness instructor and coach who aspires to inspire. His goal is to help people become the best possible version of themselves, both inside and outside his classes.

Welcome to DomFitness, the premier dance, cardio and strength virtual studio. As part of the DomFitness community, you can get moving with live Zumba and Street Jam dance fitness classes, get your heart pumping with Cardio Beat Boxing and improve your strength and agility with my Boot Camp workout. DomFitness also offers additional options, including Yoga and Barre, taught by our excellent guest instructors.

“I think participants become uplifted and transformed when they are able to connect with the music and choreography or the workout of the day, and they’re willing to open their hearts to accept the energy that I’m giving to them during that one hour.”

“I have always been about encouraging people to push beyond what they perceive as their limits; in return, I give each class everything I have — all of my energy and focus.”

I don’t teach a class, I create an experience.